Why it’s important a summer camp for the Children’s development?

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Parents always want the best opportunities for our children. We want them to have whatever it takes to be happy and successful – a good health care, positive aptitude to get along with others, rational and problem solving skills … Besides, children need resilience skills: auto-esteem, organisation skills, self-reliance, and pro-social behaviours like compassion, listening and conversation skills. A language summer camp abroad is a perfect way to enrich a child’s life.

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Language camps are great way to learn more about other cultures and make new friends.

Summer Camps offer children lots of new experiences that will make a positive impact in their life. Our courses abroad are not only an effective way to learn a foreign language, but also helps to gain a sense of independence, discover more about other cultures and it is a fun way to make new friends.
Our ‘Study More Languages’ programs for juniors are an excellent choice for your child to learn and be distracted during the summer months. Summer Camps have always been big around the world, in the past few years have been increasing in number and more importantly now include specific themes for any interest. Our summer camps for kids and teens have lots of indoor & outdoor activities. Programs filled with adventures, games, sports and workshops offer so much fun while learning and playing in the desirable language.

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Summer Camps positively impact children, both mentally and physically.

The break from home in a supportive environment gives children the opportunity to discover their strengths and abilities, conquer new challenges, think creatively and solve problems, build self-esteem and become independent thinkers. At our Summer Camps children build confidence and self-esteem by learning and developing new skills, communicating and team working, and, the most important, having the time of their lives!.

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The camp experience offers a nurturing environment away from the distractions and, in some cases, the hostile environment of the city.

A summer camp is all about making new friends. Many children discover friends for life from other countries and cultures all over the world through relationships that they build while learning and having fun.
Start planning your child’s summer now! Choose one of our language courses for juniors and give your child the summer holiday that she/ he will never forget.

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