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kids make new friends in summer camps

Why it’s important a summer camp for the Children’s development?

Parents always want the best opportunities for our children. We want them to have whatever it takes to be happy and successful – a good health care, positive aptitude to get along with others, rational and problem solving skills … Besides, children need resilience skills: auto-esteem, organisation skills, self-reliance, and pro-social behaviours like compassion, listening and conversation skills. A language summer camp abroad is a perfect way to enrich a child’s life.

study English abroad

5 best cities to learn English abroad

A full immersion program abroad is the best way to learn the English language.  When you are looking for the perfect course the first priority is to decide the city to learn the language. This decision is based on many different factors.  We have listed for you our top 5 cities to learn English abroad.

Facts about San Francisco

San Francisco the Happiest, healthiest and fittest city in USA

Study English in San Francisco. Besides being one of the most visually stunning seven-by-seven square miles on earth, San Francisco has also topped rankings of the happiest, healthiest, and fittest cities in America.

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What To Pack When You’re Studying Abroad

preparing for study abroad: What To Pack?

You may be moving across the world and studying in a foreign country, but sometimes one of the hardest things about studying abroad is deciding what to pack!
Think about it. You’re moving to another country and you suddenly need to pack your life’s content into one suitcase (or maybe two if you’re okay with baggage fees…). To help you out, we’ve put together the ultimate checklist of what to bring, and included some handy tips on how to save yourself some luggage space.