Studying in New York

Studying in… New York, Gizem’s Story

Turkish student Gizem tells us all about studying English in one of the world’s greatest cities


Turkish student Gizem let us know about her experience studying an Academic Semester course at KIE New York Empire

Q. What course did you take?
G. I’m taking an Academic Semester course and have been here since September. It’s 8 months. I have General English classes every day and also extra classes each week. We learn about American culture too.

Q. What’s the best thing about New York?
G. I’m an architect and in New York I like to visit lots of different buildings and see the skyscrapers! The best thing is that whenever you want to do something, you can do it here. The city never sleeps! There’s always something going on.


Q. What are you hobbies here in New York?
G. I’m part of the school’s theatre group, and have even been on Broadway! It’s a comic drama that we studied for 3 months. Lots of students took part and it was fun. Our rehearsal classes are like any other class, and we improve our English in these. We practice 4 times a week. I feel much more confident with my English because I’ve been able to combine my regular classes with these extra drama classes.

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Q. Do you practice English outside of the classroom?
G. Yes, this is the reason I’m here! Whenever I go somewhere with my friends, I speak in English. People tell me that I speak good English but I still need to improve! The experience is exciting.

Q. Did you find it easy to make friends when you joined the school?
G.  Honestly, it was easy. If you are a good person, you will find good friends. My friends are mostly Korean! Also, Italians, French and Germans.

Q. Do you enjoy your classes?
G. Yes, in my classes I have to speak with my partners as this is part of the class. It is good because I need to keep practicing my speaking. My grammar is good but it’s important to practice lots of speaking. The teacher speaks very clearly which is great for me.

Q. What is your motivation to learn English?
G. Because of my job, I want to work for a very big company. This is my future plan, and I need to learn English very well to make this happen. If I find a job, I would love to live and work here in New York. That is my dream.

Q. Would you recommend Kaplan to your friends?
G. If they want to improve their English, Kaplan is a very good way of doing this. I’m so happy that I am here, and if I had another chance, I would choose Kaplan again. There is lots of kindness here, people are polite, the teachers and staff are nice, and the Empire State is a very famous building. It’s a very good experience.


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