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Mother’s Help candidates are those who are willing and able to take on additional responsibility, in return for a higher amount of pocket money (minimum of £130 per week).

Whereas standard au pairs work for up to 35 hours per week and are not permitted to care for children younger than two on their own, Mother’s Helps can take on the following:

Longer hours (35+ per week)

Care for children aged 12-24 months without parental presence

Care for more children (4+) at times without parental presence

Longer hours often mean no/limited time to attend a language class.

For care of children under the age of 2, you will begin work with the help of the parents until you are comfortable with having a limited amount of sole care.

To be considered for Mother’s Help roles, you must have more childcare experience than a standard au pair. This means you must have worked with children full time for at least one year/have extensive and varied experience over a long period of time. This must be reflected in your references.

Definition of a Mother’s Help:

Mother’s Helps are generally unqualified nannies working alongside a mother, rather than having sole charge of the children. Mother’s Helps may work well for parents who work from home or parents who work part-time and want housework and childcare combined.


  • Mother’s Helps are expected to ‘muck in’ more than nannies and as well as caring for the children under mum’s supervision, they are expected to help out with light housework and shopping. Perfect for mums who need another pair of hands and don’t expect or need days of sole charge care.
  • As the Mother’s Help gains more and more experience, they may be able take more responsibility and ultimately sole charge. Some start out as a Mother’s Help and gain enough experience to be considered for nannying posts in their next job.


A Mother’s Help may have no formal qualifications but should have good experience with children. They may have cared for siblings, done regular babysitting or helped out at a local playgroup.


Mother’s Helps expect to work about ten hours a day for live-in, although two nights babysitting are included in the salary (babysitting is extra for a live-out).

If you feel that you have more extensive childcare experience but you would prefer to work standard hours, you may wish to be considered as a Gold au pair. These candidates receive £5-£10 more pocket money per week than standard au pairs. Please note that we require references to tell us about your more extensive experience.

Please see the table below for an overview on the categories you may choose from:


What is sole care?

  • Care for a young child without parental presence (parent not at home)

If you are interested in applying to be a Gold au pair or a Mother’s Help, please tell us when submitting your forms. The process is the same for all candidates, and we will begin to consider you for our families when we receive the completed documentation.


Before we can find you a family we will require some standard documentation from you. If you would like to apply to be part of our au pair programme please contact us .

Contact an Au Pair Advisor or Call us on +358 (0) 10 583 2960

Cost and Fees

 No hidden cost:

Programme fee: 200 EUR

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