Facts about San Francisco

San Francisco the Happiest, healthiest and fittest city in USA

Study English in San Francisco. Besides being one of the most visually stunning seven-by-seven square miles on earth, San Francisco has also topped rankings of the happiest, healthiest, and fittest cities in America.

Here are 12 reasons that all our students should know before travelling to San Francisco:

1- It’s veggie-friendly

SF is considering on of the most “veg-friendly” cities in the USA by PETA. You will find an oasis of vegetarian and vegan restaurants, but also has myriad vegetarian and vegan-friendly menus, even at restaurants with meat.

2- It has vibrant spiritual life.

Meditation, yoga and Eastern philosophy are part of the city’s DNA. SF has also the oldest Buddhist temple in US.

3- It’s organic.

The city by the bay was voted the number-one best city to live the organic foodie lifestyle.

4- It’s home to some of the American’s best public parks.

From Golden Gate Park, to the Presidio to Dolores Park.

5- And speaking of fitness, outdoor activities are everywhere.

Tai Chi in Washington Square Park, surfing at Ocean Beach or practising Yoga in Golden Gate Park, there’s an outdoor activity for every fitness personality in SF.

6- It has the “culture cure”.

Live music, art, theatre and literary events are over the Bay, all year around.

7- It’s close to nature.

SFers can easily reconnect with nature by driving only a short distance from the city. Marin Headlands, Point Reyes National Seashore, Muir Woods and Mount Tamalpais State Park offer miles of hiking and riding trails in some of the most beautiful natural landscapes on the west coast.

8- Yoga is everywhere — even in the airport.

Terminal 2 of the SF International airport also has a yoga room for travellers looking for a little on-the-go zen.

9- It’s one of the best cities for biking.

Bye area drivers are used to share the road with bikers: Since 2010, SF has installed 20 new miles of bike lanes, 25 bike-parking areas, and traffic signals giving riders the right-way.

10- Locals enjoy the health benefits of moderate wine consumption.

Thanks to world class vineyards in Sonoma and Nampa, wine is a part of the Northern California culture.

11- It’s dog-friendly city.

It’s commonly said that there are more dogs than children in San Francisco, and it is true! The city has luxury dog hotels, rooftop dog cocktail parties, a pet cemetery and City Halls plans to turn dog droppings into alternative energy.

12- It’s a place that celebrates.

Free events ranging from concerts to yoga classes are easy to come bay, as are group volunteering activities and community art projects. The community events don’t just benefit the city as a whole, they can have a effect on individual residents. Strong social ties and community bonds have been linked with lower stress levels and increased well-being and longevity.

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