City Guide: Liverpool

SML Education Tour: Liverpool 

With its unique world-class sport offerings, exciting events and attractions and unrivalled musical heritage, Liverpool is a very popular destination for students to study in. Based on our student tips, we have put together your city guide to Liverpool.

First stop – Albert Dock

“I have many favorite places in Liverpool. But in particular, Albert Dock because of the museums and the atmosphere there.”

Albert Dock is one of Liverpool’s most important tourist attractions and a vital component of the city’s UNESCO World Heritage site, Maritime Mercantile City. This is a kingdom of concrete, bricks and metal. Today in Albert Dock you can find cafés, galleries and museums, and we would recommend in particular that you visit the Maritime Museum and the Museum of Slavery.

Tip provided by
Paula Yvanira Agostinho Benza, Angola

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The Beatles Story

“If you are fans of The Beatles you absolutely must visit the Cavern Club (the place where the Beatles went on stage for the first time and for another 291 times or so after that, if I remember correctly). There is also a Beatles Museum at the Albert Dock, a definite must-see.”

The award-winning Beatles Story is a unique visitor attraction that will transport you on an exciting and atmospheric journey into the life, times, culture and music of the Beatles. This place is a shrine for fans of the band, and just plain interesting and informative experience for everyone else.

Tip provided by
Luca Paulis, Italy

SML Kielimatkat liverpool Beatles-small

Football spirit

“Those who choose Liverpool definitely do so for two reasons: The Beatles first and foremost, and then the Everton and Liverpool teams.”

Liverpool’s two teams – Everton and Liverpool – both play in the Premier League and are some of the most successful teams in the UK. It doesn’t matter whether you hear the famous Goodison Roar at Everton FC’s Goodison Park or sing one of the most recognisable football songs, “You Will Never Walk Alone”, at Liverpool FC’s Anfield – either way, you’ll become a part of football’s history!

Tip provided by
Luca Paulis, Italy

SML Kielimatkat Liverpool town-center-small

Going out

There is an incredible range of cafés, bistros and restaurants in Liverpool appealing to all tastes and budgets. The City has more than 250 establishments ranging from bars to pubs and clubs. Many of the bars on Liverpool’s famous entertainment area are centered in the Liverpool ONE and Albert Dock areas. Most of the bars are generally open into the early hours and are free to get in.

With great selection and great prices, the Korean takeaway restaurant “Chop Chop” was one the most popular with a number of our students.

French student Brice Lauret said that his favourite nightclub was “Level and Soho”, because “the whole area is really vibrant”.

For South Korean student Ji Hyun Oh, the best place for shopping was Liverpool ONE, the huge open-air shopping district right in the heart of the city that is home to more than 160 famous high street and designer names.

Tip provided by
Brice Lauret, France
Camilla Borrini, Italy
Ji Hyun Oh, South Korea

If this amazing city appeals to you, consider studying at our SML school in Liverpool or contacting one of our Student Advisors.

If you’re interested in other English cities, check out the other Kaplan city guides below. We’ll be continuously adding and updating our tips pages, so let us know if there is anything else we should know about!



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