SML AU PAIR: If you are a flexible person, who is easy to live with, has a good amount of experience with children and good references to prove this, then we would like to hear from you!

You are thinking about the possibility of becoming an au pair and thus being able to spend a year abroad without spending too much money? Here you will find many suggestions that will help you make your dream come true and become an au pair.

Becoming an au pair is actually very easy and has many advantages. There are very few requirements that you have to meet to become an au pair. Being an au pair gives you the opportunity to spend some time abroad without spending a lot of money. For example, after finishing high school, before continuing your studies, you could spend a year abroad as an au pair and improve your language skills in a foreign country.

This will also improve your opportunities in the job market. As our world is becoming more and more connected internationally, the most attractive jobs usually involve knowing at least one or more foreign languages. Think global, become an au pair.


As an au pair abroad you also have the advantage of living with a host family and becoming part of an already established social structure. This means: you won’t have to worry about getting an internet connection or about where to do your laundry. Your host family will provide these and many other things for you. Furthermore, as an au pair, you will immediately be part of a social network. With your host family, you will have people with experience on your side who will help you and explain their culture to you.

Your contribution to the family – taking care of the children and doing easy house work – usually leaves you a lot of free time. As your family pays for your accommodation and food, you have the pocket money you get at your free disposal. So you won’t have to worry about unforeseen expenses as an au pair. Altogether, this is exactly why being an au pair is so attractive to young people.


You are caring, cheerful, honest, respectful, friendly, helpful, patient and flexible!

You genuinely love children -to look after them, play with and teach them things.

You can already speak the language quite well.

You are open to new cultures- including new foods!

You can cope well despite any homesickness, which you might suffer from.

You are independent, but also enjoy being part of a family and new group of friends.

Please remember that the Family who reads your Registration form does not know you yet. It is your responsibility to inform them of all the things that might help your application. They will be most interested to know how much childcare experience you have and what ages those children were. In addition to this, they will want to find out, by reading your registration, if you are a nice, kind, honest, reliable person, who they would enjoy including as part of their family.

Please give as much detail about your childcare work as possible, all babysitting, summer camp positions, leading children’s church groups, tutoring, care of your young brother/sister etc.
If you are able to make a short introductory video of yourself which lasts just 1-2 minutes, this will improves the speed at which you are chosen by a family by up to 300%!  Once you have done this, send us the link.

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