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Through our SML Au Pair in Spain program, we offer young au pairs the temporary reception by Spanish host families. This is a great opportunity to live as part of an Spanish family and learn about the Spanish language and culture. In exchange for this, au pairs provide Host Families in Spain with quality child care services and they also teach their language and culture to the children.

Information regarding AU PAIR placements IN SPAIN

Not specific requirement, just childcare
experience. Other requirements: police check, medical certificate, references and very good
level of English. Host Spanish families are very interested in native English au pairs or with a
very good level of English as they want them to speak English to children or teach them
some of this language. Family will talk to the au pair in Spanish so she can learn Spanish
too. The exchange works very well. Many families accept au pairs with no Spanish
knowledge and some accept male au pairs.

Age limits of au pairs: 30 years old

1 to 3 months in summer. 3 to 12 months along school year

Maximum length of stay:24 months


25-40 h per week.
Demi au pairs or Language assistants just work 10-15 hours weekly for English conversation with kids and family.

Pocket money per week(€):70-100€ depending on weekly hours. For Demi au pair position there is not pocket money


From May to September.

We will give your a list of Spanish language schools. We have agreements with reliable Spanish language schools to offer good prices to our Au Pairs.


All over Spain and mainly in Madrid and big cities.

Au Pair are eligible to public health care with their European health insurance card. Non EU au pairs need to arrange their own medical insurance. Pocket money is not taxable at all.

Visa requirements: There is no au pair visa in Spain. Au pairs from Europe do not need a visa to be an au pair. Non-EU citizens willing to stay up to 3 months: they need a valid passport, a return ticket and a Schengen visa. If they want to live as an au pair in Spain longer than 3 months, they need a student visa from their local Spanish embassy. Therefore, before coming to Spain, the au pair must be enrolled in a Spanish university or school. Given that conditions may vary, we suggest that they contact the Spanish Embassy or Consulate to verify these requirements before they start their trip.



Child care is our au pair’s priority, and we make sure they are aware of this. Au pairs may be also required to teach their language to the children.

The au pair’s responsibilities may include:

  • awaking the children and making breakfast
  • dressing the children
  • bathing and playing with the children
  • preparing meals for the children
  • making the children’s beds and straightening their rooms
  • doing the children’s laundry and ironing their clothes
  • driving children to and from school
  • helping the children with school homework
  • helping with the language
  • babysitting 2 or 3 nights per week
  • if required au pair may be home while children are absent from school due to illness or holidays
  • light household duties in common areas

The au pair’s responsibilities in Spain include mainly teaching a language to the kids and housework related to the children. They should not be required to do heavy household duties such as cleaning the entire home or doing all the laundry . They should not be expected to run an entire household when parents are absent for business or personal travel. Responsibility for the welfare of the children always remains with the parents.

We arrange meetings and contacts with other au pairs during the placement. We provide them with a welcome and orientation material to help them to adjust to Spanish culture and lifestyles and to find a Spanish language course. We provide them a contact list of other au pairs. Emergency telephone number available.



Before we can find you a family we will require some standard documentation from you. If you would like to apply to be part of our au pair programme please contact us .

Contact an Au Pair Advisor or Call us on +358 (0) 10 583 2960

Cost and Fees

 No hidden cost:

Programme fee: 175 EUR

Some tips to be a successful Au Pair

Most families in Spain requires the au pair to teach English or their native language to the kids. Be talkative and playful with the kids and encourage them to practice the language.
No mobile or laptop while you are with them.
Be polite, friendly and confident: Show respect for your host family – do not shy away from them, as you are there to learn. Also, don’t be scared to tell them if you don’t understand something they’ve said.
Be flexible and help the family in everything you can. Get feedback from family in order to adapt to their needs.
Act like another member of the family but always respecting their privacy Keep your room and personal things clean and tidy.

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