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Work as an aup pair in Germany and experience the year of your life!
Germany offers a multifaceted culture and life-style, it is a vibrant, modern and open-minded country. In your free-time you will have plenty of opportunities to travel!
As an Au Pair you will have the unique opportunity to live and work in Germany with one of our friendly and carefully selected German host families.



  • Prepare breakfast and basic meals.
  • Look after the children, i.e. supervising them, playing with them and escorting them to and back from nursery.
  • Walk the kids to the school ,and activities in general; assisting them with their homework.
  • Babysitting in the evenings.

Assistance in the household

  • doing light household work means to help clean up at home and keep things tidy, ie. washing, ironing, and laundry duty,
  • and to do daily shopping
  • looking after the household chores and if any, taking care of the pets;

The household duties include babysitting extend for maximum 6 hours per day, maximum 30 hours per week. If occasionally a longer working time is necessary, the overtime has to be compensated with more free time. Each of 30 hour working period working time contains max. Three times babysitting in the evening. The working times are arranged to accommodate the needs of the host family.


At least 1, 5 free days running per week, at least a free weekend in a month are guaranteed. In a week four free evenings must be guaranteed. An au pair has the freedom of religious practise.

Two days paid vacation per a month of stay are given. Sundays do not count as a vacation day.


The public holidays of the host country are basically free or are compensated for with leisure time.

In case of illness, the allowances will be continued until the contract expires, up to a maximum of 6 weeks.


Au pairs are given the chance to participate in a German language course during their free time as well as to attend cultural or religious events. Their host families support them with an amount of € 50 for language courses per month.

Travel expenses to and fro language courses are to be paid by the host family.


The host family supports the au pair in their cultural and social interests and provides the mobility needed.

Free accommodation is provided by the host family for their au pair. The au pair joins the common meals and is served with the same food as the family. Integration to the host family is to be offered. The lodging takes place in a separate, heated, sufficiently furnished room with lockable door, a window with daylight, and a minimum size 8 sq. meters in the house, the apartment or in other residence of the family. Washing facilities are provided.


For their arrival into the Federal Republic of Germany a short term travel and accident insurance is highly recommended. The costs for any medical bills; health-, accident and third party insurance are covered by the host family. The registration the au pair’s insurance will be taken care of by the host family. Where this is neglected, all the health care costs must be covered by the host family. The insurance takes effect from the first day of the entry in Germany.

The stay of an au pair is a temporal arrangement. It ends according to the signed agreement, latest after 12 months. A two week-period of notice is mandatory. Termination of the contract must be given in writing. The period of notice starts with the handing over of the document to the host family or the au pair. It is necessary that both parties inform the au pair-agency about the notice. In certain specific cases of serious disagreement an immediate notice of dismissal is permissible. The agency must be informed. Where there are problems between the family and an au pair, the agency should be contacted. In most instances the host family and the au pair can agree that the au pair stays in the family until the agency can provide a replacement.


If the authorities demand a medical examination of an au pair, or a family prefers it, it is obligatory that the host family covers the costs.

The language of the host family is most probably German.



Before we can find you a family we will require some standard documentation from you. If you would like to apply to be part of our au pair programme please contact us .

Contact an Au Pair Advisor or Call us on +358 (0) 10 583 2960

Cost and Fees

 No hidden cost:

Program fee: 175 EUR

Program Benefits

Minimum 260 EUR monthly stipend
Up to 50 EUR a month for language courses
Paid vacation
Travel expenses paid
Full board accommodation
Insurance coverage

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