5 best cities to learn English abroad

study English abroad

A full immersion program abroad is the best way to learn the English language.  When you are looking for the perfect course the first priority is to decide the city to learn the language. This decision is based on many different factors.  We have listed for you our top 5 cities to learn English abroad.

Discover the Best Cities to Study English

The decision to take one city or other may vary depending on your circumstances.  Some people have a prior interest in the city, while others are motivated by the outdoor activities, the weather conditions or the proximity to their home country. Others are motivated by which city is the cheapest to study English.

There are other things to consider before choosing your location. Would you like to travel and visit other cities while studding? Would you like to work during the language course?

When would you like to take your language course? If you take an English course in Ireland, the UK, Canada or the east coast of United States from September to February you will have to deal with the cold, but it will be cheaper. If you chose Australia or New Zealand during those months you will experience the hottest season.

UK and Ireland place of interest are close together, which makes tourism easier and less time consuming. USA and Australia have much longer distances to cover and the additional expense of transportation.

New York

Best for art-lovers and shoppers who want to study in a huge cosmopolitan city.

best cities to learn english new york

New York offers a virtually inexhaustible supply of things to do and see. Home to many of the most important movers and shakers in world culture, business, finance and the media, and pulsating with energy 24/7, the Big Apple will keep throwing up enough surprises and new experiences to keep you going for an entire lifetime, let alone the duration of your study abroad program.

+Pros: Lots of things to do, many of them free. You can get everywhere by public transport. A life time experience, all your friends will be jealous of you after studying in New York.

-Cons: Expensive, going out is expensive in New York. It is crowded and loud, 8 million people living in the same city.


Best for breathtaking scenery surrounding a thriving cultural haven

learn english in vancouver

Vancouver offers a huge variety of outdoor activities- beaches, forest and stunning mountains are all within easy reach. For those who prefer cultural pursuits, Vancouver also offers an array of brilliant nightlife, theatres and music – everything you’d expect from one of Canada’s most loved cities.

+Pros: It’s beautiful.  Wide variety of food and culture without getting too big-city.

-Cons: Winters are cold.


Best for students looking for an unforgettable study experience in one of the world’s most famous and exciting cities. 

study in london pros and conts

The UK’s capital is one of the planet’s great centers of culture and creativity, famed for its museums, arts scene, nightlife and diversity.

+Pros: Cosmopolitan city, Free cultural events (all museums are free). A private health care is not needed, you can use the European health care instead. One of the greenest cities in Europe. Travel to other nearby cities like Manchester, Liverpool or Paris is cheap and quick.

-Cons: It’s cloudy and rains a lot. Drive on the left-hand side can be tricky.


Best for enjoying Irish tradition in the historic and romantic capital city.

study in dublin pros and conts

For those whose idea of a perfect student city involves combining top-class study facilities and historic surroundings with a cracking social scene and famously friendly locals… Dublin should be on your list!

+Pros: Available for any budget. It’s safe. Lots of pubs and music events. Locals are talkative and friendly.

-Cons: Early closing hours of restaurants and pubs. The rain.


Best for studying in a cosmopolitan and sporty city.

study in melbourne pros and conts

Known as Australia’s cultural capital, Melbourne regularly tops lists of the world’s most liveable cities, and is full of all the attractions that make the Australian lifestyle so appealing – including beautiful beaches, nightlife and a fair proportion of sunny days.

+Pros: Beautiful beaches. The city is clean and safe. People is friendly. Sports, locals love playing almost any kind of sport.

-Cons: Water shortages.

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